An update of sorts.

  I have  been lazy and busy so have not written in some time. Nothing exciting has been happening in our household. However William has been studying to write more exams for further accreditation. He hold two degrees but is doing some more exams for his career. I think he will be moving away from … More An update of sorts.

Brand buying

So we all buy certain brands of clothes, food, cars, electrical products etc. Why? Do we believe it makes us better people, more influential, or more acceptable to society. Yes I am a brand person to a degree, I am an Apple guy. I purchase certain brands of electrical equipment, and food items. However if … More Brand buying

Role swopping

So we are NOT into that kind of “role playing”, or any kind of swopping, swinging or what ever you would like to call it. However William really enjoys doing the laundry. We have a great little laundry room, that is in the studio, so we don’t hear the machines in the house. However this … More Role swopping