Weighing IN

I belive I am short legged, I am 5ft 7 or 170cm. I am also medium build.  William is 6ft 1.  Now I have never really had a huge issue with being short. It’s maybe made me rather over confident in certain situations. The only negative I feel is that been of a shorter statue, … More Weighing IN

So it begins.

So when we were were single, we both weighed less. However before you think I am advocating singleville, we both did not eat as healthy as we do now. Not sure how that works. So why have we both packed on the pounds. Last year I changed my eating habits and dropped 2 pants sizes. … More So it begins.

Favorite jeans

Last week William was looking for a pair of jeans to wear to work. He has his favorites, but they were in the wash, so he went to the spare bedroom were we also keep some of our clothes. He was not in the best of moods as he is not a morning person, he … More Favorite jeans