Lazy Sunday’s.

    Sunday are meant for me.  Lazy days, late sleeping, not shaving, and just being lazy if I choice. The one thing that I do on a Sunday is have a shower and change into slob clothes.  There is something to be said about just having a shower and brushing your teeth that to … More Lazy Sunday’s.

We need a shave.

William and myself have not shaved in 5 days.  You may think this is no Big Deal, well as we both shave everyday of the week, I think it is. Maybe it’s missing the ritual of the routine of shaving, or is it a sign of the great time we have had this past week. … More We need a shave.


So on Saturday we usually have our coffee watch some TV and then go back to sleep. Its also a no shave day in our house. So this morning we have our coffee but then we both got up, it’s was just after 6. William went to the study and connected to his office of … More Saturday’s


William shaves in the evenings before he has his bath, I shave in the shower in the morning. I sometimes ask why do we do this. Well we only do it in the week, weekends are shave free days. I don’t enjoyed shaving, but always feel better after I have. I like to look presentable. … More Shaving.

A celebration

We mark a day in our life’s, a birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion. Now in our house, we also celebrate the Soberday, the anniversary that William stopped drinking. So this we celebrated this week. So I made a hamper of chocolates, bath products, and some other goodies. I put it in the boot of … More A celebration

Alone at home…

So William went out of town this weekend to visit his Mom. First time since we have been together that he stayed over. So I was home alone… Now before you think I was bored, or got up to all sort of mischief, I cleaned the house. Weekend we both do our housekeeping chores. So … More Alone at home…

My signature…

We all have our own signature, written and the invisible one. The one that defines our own uniqueness. I dress in the classic style for work, nothing outrages just plain office attire. Suits not so much, but formal classic. I enjoy being dressed well, nothing that brings any attention to me but I feel comfortable … More My signature…


manscaping to groom a man. Shaving, waxing, cleaning up the superfluous fur. So do you or don’t you Men’s grooming is a whole new thriving market, with clients from all walks of life. It’s actually not a Gay thing, but about appearance and simply self grooming and taking care of ourself from a cleanliness point … More Manscaping