To my younger self.

Being the youngest child had its challenges and benefits. Maybe it was seeing my older siblings falling in and out love that, and eventually getting married, that gave me the realization that as a Gay Man I may never have this love. Lets be honest, I was told that all gay mane cannot do commitment … More To my younger self.

Our family.

I am being very absent from my blog, too absent.and it’s not due to laziness this time. That dark cloud of depression has been hovering over me for a couple of weeks now. I am taking antidepressants, and I have suffered from this for most of my adult life.  The good news is that I … More Our family.

Being a grown up.

Do we suddenly wake up and realize one day that we all grown up and adults full time. Full of responsibility, commitments, and sensible at last. The fun is not all gone, we just all grown up. We have homes, families and is this not we all dreamed and desired? its actully all good! The … More Being a grown up.

Elitist Ass

Elitist is another word for “snob.” If you Live in the best neighbourhood,  wear only the finest silk suits, and hang around only with other Similar judgements assholes  , then you’re an elitist. A fairly recent addition to the English language, the noun elitist, came about from a mix of elite + ist in 1950. … More Elitist Ass

William the protector.

Relationships evolve over time. People change and we should also change with time When William and I first met he was very shy and slightly self-conscious. He is still shy however he is more confident and more comfortable with himself. One thing that has changed is William’s behaviour towards me. He is very protective of … More William the protector.

No Drama. (Relationship 1:1) the way I see it.

Now you find your ideal parner, and now what? Some people thrive on arguments and dramatic emotional outpourings but drama is a poor way to resolve problems or express discontent within relationships. It might make you feel important and the centre of attention but it’s actually a very childish way of communicating your feelings. Screaming … More No Drama. (Relationship 1:1) the way I see it.

Brand buying

So we all buy certain brands of clothes, food, cars, electrical products etc. Why? Do we believe it makes us better people, more influential, or more acceptable to society. Yes I am a brand person to a degree, I am an Apple guy. I purchase certain brands of electrical equipment, and food items. However if … More Brand buying