Our family.

I am being very absent from my blog, too absent.and it’s not due to laziness this time. That dark cloud of depression has been hovering over me for a couple of weeks now. I am taking antidepressants, and I have suffered from this for most of my adult life.  The good news is that I … More Our family.

What defines you?

A great saying, A real man makes decisions and lives with the consequences. So of late, I have been reading some very interesting blogs. Got me thinking, what defines me, what defines Ivan the person. I have been given a foundation and made my own principles that I try to live by. Did my upbringing … More What defines you?

It’s not my name.

I have a infamous, well know surname. It’s not part of the new famous names like Hilton, Spielberg, Spelling. It’s a well know family name like the Vanderbilt family. Mine is of Europeans descent mainly and still a well know name. Not a show business, or a name make famous by scandal. Okay my family … More It’s not my name.