To my younger self.

Being the youngest child had its challenges and benefits. Maybe it was seeing my older siblings falling in and out love that, and eventually getting married, that gave me the realization that as a Gay Man I may never have this love. Lets be honest, I was told that all gay mane cannot do commitment … More To my younger self.

Being a grown up.

Do we suddenly wake up and realize one day that we all grown up and adults full time. Full of responsibility, commitments, and sensible at last. The fun is not all gone, we just all grown up. We have homes, families and is this not we all dreamed and desired? its actully all good! The … More Being a grown up.

Cats win.

I have been busy at work with a new business plan budgets and a new acquisition we are seriously considering. So my time at the office has been consuming my time. On Monday William got a call from the real estate agent who we dealt with when we made an offer on the apartment we … More Cats win.

Mans best friend

They say a dog is mans best friend. It may be true, however were do cats fit in. We have two cats, the old man, is nearly 13, and the baby is 18 months. Both were rescue. My first cats. Now Bella the baby has many names, her full name is Isabella Portia Berry. Don’t … More Mans best friend


So this year our one cat will be 12 years old, I got him as as a rescue. He was 5 weeks old and a very wild kitten. He was about 2 when he was in a bad fight with some other cat, and he was in the veterinary clinic for just over a week. … More Rescue