To my younger self.

Being the youngest child had its challenges and benefits. Maybe it was seeing my older siblings falling in and out love that, and eventually getting married, that gave me the realization that as a Gay Man I may never have this love. Lets be honest, I was told that all gay mane cannot do commitment … More To my younger self.

Sadness of families.

Some people have families that all get on and they go away together often, have weekly meals together and always have the Sunday roast with all the family around the table. Big families small families. Well we all different. My reality and it’s taking good me along time to accept is that my family have … More Sadness of families.

Lonely holidays.

I know a couple of single gay guys at work. Now the one in particular, Harry, is finding this time of year tough. He is single and from what I have heard, is not with the best group of friends. And to be honest the pressure on him to find a partner is on as … More Lonely holidays.