DIY at home.

We have lived in this house for nearly 9 years.  I have wanted to sell for a good 2 years. So this has caused some disagreements. So while we were with my family we looked at many other houses when we went walking. We looked at the gardens, walls, colours, and this gave me a … More DIY at home.

Saturday ..

Saturday are generally lazy days in our house. It’s also generally the day that we clean house. Now this is something that we both do, and well together. However William had a crises at work Friday, so he was in the study early so that he could log onto his office PC, from home. He … More Saturday ..


It’s been a different, yet strange week. This week we said goodbye to some of Williams family who spend part of the holidays with us. It is exhausting having guests, family or other staying. We have very rarely spend the holidays with both of us being home. Usually we were away or one or both … More Clutter,