Sunday’s time-out

T I have been been very distracted of late with work and some family matters. This had lead to me neglecting my blog and William. Now William is a patience man, however he said to me the other day, why you home so early and it was 6:30 in the evening. This jolted me back … More Sunday’s time-out

Stalking William

William is a bath person. To him he never goes to bed before he has bathed. For me I usually shower in the mornings, and will bath in the evening. Yesterday William was bathing un the afternoon and I joined him in the bath. Now the bath is not a bad size, however William is … More Stalking William

Bath time

          Its a ritual in this house, bathing. Just enough water, bath condiments of salts bath oils etc.  has to PG. this one sorry this is not that kind of blog  happy bath time all.  ivan    


Saturdays are suppose to be lazy days, sleep in and just general zone out from reality. I am back to not sleeping, last night I took a sleeping pill and managed to push William that he nearly landed on the floor. I also woke up just after 3 this morning. I got up and did … More Unwind