Bath time

          Its a ritual in this house, bathing. Just enough water, bath condiments of salts bath oils etc.  has to PG. this one sorry this is not that kind of blog  happy bath time all.  ivan    

Apple WWDC 2013

Just being watching the WWDC All I can say apple rocks. Design and forward thinkers. Now for me it’s a Mecca for gadgets that do make my life easier. Plus not only for home but at work. With the multiple design features it excellent for layout, photo desktop, multiple app usage and the new Mac … More Apple WWDC 2013

Apple. William.

So William works for an IT company, they are developers and create the wonderful software we all use. So you would think that William would have been a huge apple fan. However due to my work experience, I was exposed to Mac and worked on them. They are brilliant for design, Desk Top Publishing and … More Apple. William.

One more.

So yesterday I got my laptop. I think it’s a great laptop, it’s a HP pro book.. Great machine, however I also have a desktop so this is really only for travel and if and when I work from home. Now the problem is, I already have a laptop also an HP and a Mac … More One more.