Being a grown up.

Do we suddenly wake up and realize one day that we all grown up and adults full time. Full of responsibility, commitments, and sensible at last. The fun is not all gone, we just all grown up. We have homes, families and is this not we all dreamed and desired? its actully all good! The … More Being a grown up.

Drunk love :

During the first couple of years in our relationship, their was a secret third party. This was the white elephant, the one we never talked about. The alcohol become more important than I did. I mattered less.  My reactions were to joing the parties, and when I had had enough the constant fights over alcohol … More Drunk love :

The D word.!

The dark place. My personal story. As a child I did not have the knowledge or wisdom to understand myself. Being gay was a huge burden for me. Being the youngest child, a son, great things were expected. I had to follow the footprint that was expected, not my footprint, but those of my parents, … More The D word.!

That’s special bond

Over the years I have watched the Osbourne’s, from the reality show, showing the rawness of a total dysfunction family. Forever being in the media 24/7, and how we looked on as they both documented their life’s for us to judge and be critics. However I admire Kelly and Jack Osbourne for overcoming addictions and … More That’s special bond

A celebration

We mark a day in our life’s, a birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion. Now in our house, we also celebrate the Soberday, the anniversary that William stopped drinking. So this we celebrated this week. So I made a hamper of chocolates, bath products, and some other goodies. I put it in the boot of … More A celebration