Does it get better?

Last week I read about another suicide, the details of this are irrelevant. Irrelevant that it does not matter who it was, it’s just another tragic end of someone life. And their are more suicides across the spectrum of age of people. Depression, social issues, the can go on. This person who ended her life … More Does it get better?

Drunk love :

During the first couple of years in our relationship, their was a secret third party. This was the white elephant, the one we never talked about. The alcohol become more important than I did. I mattered less.  My reactions were to joing the parties, and when I had had enough the constant fights over alcohol … More Drunk love :

A serious post.

Today we had a business meeting and some of the other divisions of our business joined. I work for a very large company that has over 100 plus different business operations, but we are all part of the same group. Anyway these two men are introduced to me, one older and one about my age. … More A serious post.

Sally Field’s Amazing Speech About Her Gay Son

Sally Field, beloved for her roles in films like Places in the Heart, Steel Magnolias, and Norma Rae, talked about being the proud mom to a gay son as she accepted the Human Rights Campaign’s Ally for Equality Award in Washington, D.C. The actress discussed how her youngest son Sam, who introduced his mother at … More Sally Field’s Amazing Speech About Her Gay Son