Should you past, judge your present!


This is the way I see it. Should your past allow people to judge your present?

I have said before that sometimes we cannot walk others lives, but we do control and walk our own lives. My point is, why do we judge people and belive we have the “right” to bring up other people’s pasts and the paths they have walked.

William my partner is an alcoholic, he is now sober. It’s his story to tell not mine, and yes I have been with him during the drinking and the sober time. Now knowing this is his past, why would anybody make a comment or judgment about this today. Why? It’s got nothing to with anybody and the past is not the present.

Being a gay man, I belive we still have to break society perceptions each day. We as gay people have been judged, discriminated against and marginalized. Now PART of our own gay rainbow “family” are blatantly judging and shaming us GAYS on our pasts. And you have no idea of who we are. Do you not think about the hurt, damages you doing to one person, all so you can look good on social media.

Whatever “content” your wish to share with your followers, research it and get the real story. The way I see it, you boosting  your own insecure issues as the expense of others.

This post is based on how some good news in the gay world, has been twisted all based on someone’s past that actually had nothing to do with the original news. Some people just have no boundaries.. Ivan.

3 thoughts on “Should you past, judge your present!

  1. Great post, Ivan! I agree: the past is the past and ALL of us have one. Leave it behind us and live in the present. Sometimes, our same gender loving (gay) community is often at the forefront of being the judge of everyone else, including our fellow gay companions. Naked hugs!

  2. We all have pasts and our personal demons, often both entwined. Anyone who doesn’t understand that, either is still battling their own, or otherwise aren’t worth getting upset over. You are good people and if anyone feels you aren’t, then the door can hit them on the arse on the way out.

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