Showing your junk.


Nothing wrong with seeing abit of skin, however defining who you by only showing your body, censored or non censored, I just don’t get it.


Jakes Shears, made this very powerful statement.

“We’re placing value in really stupid shit. If all you’re giving the world is your body on Instagram, check yourself, f… off.

If you’re also a brilliant person, and adding to the conversation, then fair enough. If you’ve got nothing else to say, it’s time for some self-examination.

I’m down for a bit of flesh. But if that’s all you’re serving up, you need to check your recipe.”
– Musician Jake Shears, talking to Attitude for its Masculinity Issue.

I am not single, and have not been in the dating, hookup arena for many years so I am no expert, but is the focus now only on body and dick pics. Yes I like a men, but are we becoming just meat in the market place.


5 thoughts on “Showing your junk.

  1. I understand what you’re implying, Ivan, and I agree with you. As a gay nudist man who is married, I always post images of men with all of my postings to my blog. But penises just for penis’ sake gets old – fast! Naked hugs!

  2. A fellow blogger just asked me to do a 1000 word essay, that also had to be accompanied by a nude, on what manhood means to you, besides having a penis. It was very fun and thought provoking, I had a good time doing it. While I’m not shy to be nude, I don’t have to use my body and cock, to start conversation. I love Jake and he make a great point.

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