Does it get better?


Last week I read about another suicide, the details of this are irrelevant. Irrelevant that it does not matter who it was, it’s just another tragic end of someone life. And their are more suicides across the spectrum of age of people. Depression, social issues, the can go on. This person who ended her life was gay and had children.

Suicide leaves behind families, loved ones who never recover and battle to make sense of this. Being gay can make life more complicated and the challenge to survive and find who you are, a journey on its own.

In today’s age I am still sometimes stumped by our homephobic, racist, judgmental society. I had to go to the doctor last week, and as both William and myslef see the same doctors we have one medical file as it’s linked to our medical insurance. Before you see the doctor you have to explain that you are two men with joint insurance. Maybe it was just that was not feeling good at all, but I am so tired of “coming out” to people. We have the same challenge with our insurance, I am the primary policy holder. They battle to conceptualists a spouse or partner can be of the same sex.

I am looking at us doing a trip to Hong Kong and Or Australia. The one airline is offering a spouse discount if you upgrade your tickets. Why must we have to explain this and proof this to qualify if we paying for the tickets?  I am not sure today is life is better, being a gay man is still a challenge. That’s just how I see it today. Ivan


3 thoughts on “Does it get better?

  1. Ivan – a very honest post about the state of the world that we live in. Every suicide is a unanswered cry of pain that leaves us all adrift. I often wonder if those who take their own lives aren’t the courageous one’s, as they chose to end it all rather than continue to live with the endless struggle of living.

    A very thoughtful post, my blogging friend! Naked hugs!

  2. Thanks for the comment and the brutal question that maybe the people who end it are courageous. I belive they become so deep in the dark place that the just don’t see any light. To be frank sometimes it is difficult to see any light or joy in today’s world of turmoil, Ivan.

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