Courage Cooking! Cocky Chef!


William and myslef have over the years learnt that we both cannot be that dream cooking team. We both find it so much better if we left to our own devices in the kitchen. Now devices, or gadgets, we have more than enough in the kitchen. Some useful, and plenty that aren’t.

I have a “thing” for plates and cutlery. It’s now very much controlled. William got the point of “we can only use on plate at a time”! We both however have weakness for gadgets and not just for the kitchen. Over the years we have discovered that we approach cooking and preparations of food very differently. We both enjoy cooking, however sometimes it’s best if we do it on our own.

However one thing that we both are so similar it’s scary, our kitchen and most of our house is organized to the point of obsessive precision. William does not like change so everything must have a place and I battle to accept if we have items that are not of a pairs or pairs. I don’t like odd numbers like 7 plates or 5 glasses. This is a trait I got from my mother.


William is a very conservative cook and will make the same trusted recipe, yet Williams food is never boring. Me on the other side, very seldom use recipes and will most times just do an Ivan meal with varied ingredients and be the rebel against traditional cooking.  The big plus with us is that we both like the same food and prefer home cooking to take-outs.

We have friends who make a huge occasion when you have a meal with them, we all get involved in making the meal. I feel like a duck who has been removed from the water.  How great is life that we all so different and unique.




4 thoughts on “Courage Cooking! Cocky Chef!

  1. Good for you both! To each his own devices and I admire the respect that you both have for each other. Here, the kitchen is Aaron’s domain and I respect his turf under the pain of…starvation! Naked hugs!

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