Busy Boys.

Last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy. I have especially been very busy at work. Have worked a couple of weekends as well, but I am feeling the effects of this as my levels for irritation are very high and my whole body is just tired and sore.

Now my body is also sore because of Willaim!  If your imagination is leading you to another path, let’s me explain. At the beginning of the year we made some alterations done to our home and we also have a number of the garden walls changed or removed. Our house is situation on a “hill” and the property is very steep and inclined. We have 4 “levels” of the land if that makes sense. We have lots of stairs in our garden, yet the house is one single story.

So we started redoing parts of the garden, and this last 6 weeks we put in a pebble area as well as a pebble garden. This is on the top level which we have never really used due to the high walls that were their. Now after a number of this walls were removed and altered we suddenly have this great space that has been opened up. We started small but William wanted A PEBBLE PATH. This had led to us making a great pebble garden that has taken on a life of its own. We did this ourselfs and both of us have realised that our bodies get sore in places we never knew existed

We have had so much fun doing this as a project and we basically had an idea, that just evolved over the weeks. Who needs to do gym as my body is suddenly a lot more toned and SORE. William has lost some weight and to be honest it’s very visible due to his height.

We are now thinking of doing some more renovations, however not sure I am in the right head space to deal with all the mess.



4 thoughts on “Busy Boys.

  1. Totally understand about being super busy lately (just posted about it myself..). But that’s great you’ve been able to do some work on the garden, and the body-toning is always a great side affect. 😀

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