Living together, the early years.


We we get serious with that one person, we want to share our bed and our bedroom. We decide that we going to move in together. It’s romantic, driven by hormones and reason may has left the back door if we decide to move in very soon after meeting. Yes it’s all kind of cute how we start “sharing” our now pooled resources of material possessions. It could be an instant upgrade of that music system you wanted, or even suddenly living in a bigger, better space. All depends on your circumstances.

However what about our own private sanctuary, your bathroom. This is the place we  hide our medication, brush out teeth and get completely naked in a non sexual way, well most of the time. Now did we think this moving in together completely.

Madonna once said an interview:

” I found marriages did not last if you shared a bathroom.”

now this is taking this to extremes. Or is it? Having read much about sharing a bathroom, I tend to agree with what Madonna may have said.

Now I am not talking about the use of the toilet. I am talking about showering, brushing your teeth, shaving, storing of your diet pills, your habits of sleeping in the bath, need I continue. It’s our place we can escape our own life. Now throw in a significant other, it could be distaster. Fighting over the use of the shower when you both trying to get ready for work, not putting the top on properly on the toothpaste. What you store on the shower caddy. Am I making my point.

And then after moving together you don’t know what you have not had sex in weeks, that’s also natural.

Now for me, I have been incredibly fortunate that when William and I moved in we both had our own bathroom. In retrospect we took that for granted. It was tough enough navigating the other challenges of being 24/7. It was worth it, and I highly highly recommend this to anybody. It’s truly the path we should all be able to have done at least once, and in that I mean with all success.

Our current home (we coming up for 12 years in this house), has three bathrooms. Now let me explain as our home is no mansion. The main bedroom has a very small bathroom with only a shower, that’s my domain. William has the second bathroom as it has one big bath, and that’s his vice, baths. The house when we bought this house, it had undergone extensive renovations, and a guest bathroom was added. This one we seldom use, we saving it for when Madonna visits.



6 thoughts on “Living together, the early years.

  1. Well, congratulations to William and you both for now “rubbing shoulders” with the rich and the famous! Now you have Madonna as a house-guest with her very own bathroom! LOL! 🙂 Great post, Ivan! Thank you and please tell Madonna I said “hello!” Naked hugs!

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