Weighing IN

I belive I am short legged, I am 5ft 7 or 170cm. I am also medium build.  William is 6ft 1.  Now I have never really had a huge issue with being short. It’s maybe made me rather over confident in certain situations.

The only negative I feel is that been of a shorter statue, if you gain some weight you cannot hide it very well. When I met William I was about 68kg, 149pounds. Over the years, this waist of mine was about 29cm soon expanded to 33-34cm (13 inches give or take). I became to feel very uncomfortable in my skin let alone clothes. I lacked energy and to be frank, I lost my desire for sex. Maybe that’s due to self esteem or just hormonal.

Five years back I made a very conscious effort to cut out certain foods. Mainly comfort foods. This was very challenging as I also do suffer from odd onsets of depression. Plus medication for depression can play havoc with your metabolism. I am also not that “gym bunny”. I prefer to do exercise at home and do Prefer walking, it calms me and gives me a great time to process thoughts.

Now the turning point for me was last December, I cut back on certain foods and starting doing more physical work around the house. My energy levels are now at peak. I need less sleep and let’s  just say my testosterone levels are hitting a ten out of ten.. This was all the result of being more in control of myslef. William has been very fortunate that he has good genes but has also put in some weight over the years, however today his weight is less than what it was when he was 20.

Now this is not a posting about weight issues, but more about choices we make and for me starting to take care of myself first.



9 thoughts on “Weighing IN

  1. Although I’m nowhere near where you and William are weight or fitness-wise, but I understand about being more self-aware of your intacts and how you take care of yourself. In fact since I started watching what I’m eating back in February, I’ve lost about 20lbs (not sure of the kgs). It’s not as big a deal as it might be for someone smaller of waist, but instead for me it’s been more about losing the weight I’d gained since quitting smoking in november.. and funnily enough I’m back at the same weight I was last year before I’d gone on holidays. Made me a very happy Martin LOL
    Of course, the diet is going out the window a bit while on holidays this week, but it’ll be back to watching my food and exercise levels next week.

    1. Good for you for loosing that weight especially after stopping smoking. I still have my daily ritual of morning coffee, smoke and my eyes are still closed. To be frank I just got to the point we’re I became so self conscious of myself and in a totally non vain way, that I had to do something. William is so comfortable with himself and his entire body so it’s been a huge plus in my life to see this.

      Have a great holiday and what I am reading seems to be from a more confident very brave person. I could never just go away with a group of people I did not know, and I am not good in big groups of people. Have an amazing time. Ivan.

      1. I know some of them from parties I’ve been to in London and the guys I’m sharing with I know quite well. The best part is its generally a very friendly welcoming group so even if alone people take the time to include you

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