The best of days: Lazy Sunday’s.


Last night we had an amazing dinner, we made some lamb with fresh vegetable with cheese. I then also made grilled cheese bread as well, who knows why. It was just what we both were craving. The only downside was I used all the bread, so at 5:30 this morning I drive to a 24 hour, convenience store close to us. William always has toast every morning,  At about 6:30 William was still fast asleep so I decided to get back into bed to read. That plan did not work, I eventually woke just before 11 this morning.

Maybe it’s age, but I rarely sleep in. In fact I am usually awake most days by 5. William can sleep, and I mean sleep. However he usually wakes up when I get up and just goes back to dream world. Bastard. We are very opposite people, I must sleep with a duvet, summer, winter, spring but William is like super heat resistant, in fact he can sleep in just his underwear  or less, and still be warm. I love to shower, William has to bath at least once a day. He only has about 6 pairs of shoes (including his trainers and Crocs) were I have a slight obsession with shoes. And yes we both have Crocs, go on and judge us. He He.

Now as different as we are, we are so alike in many ways. We both think Sundays are the best day of the week, lock away the crowds, turn off all phones  and we run away from the world just for this one day a week.  It’s movies, catch up on TV series or for me my blogging, reading and keeping my iPad warm. William is not much of a talker at the best of times. But sometimes you don’t need conversation! Our Sunday have some rules.

Must have enough of the good coffee in the house.

Decline all social invitations  unless we have to attend. And that includes all family as well.

Clothing of choice is usually pajamas.

Brush teeth after you awake, nothing like a bad breath when you trying to be romantic.

It’s become our ritual that lazy Sundays are like date night, time just the two of us.

This morning after my sleep in,  I joined William on the couch and watched some TV, well he watched and I was reading on my iPad. Lately William has become a lot more tolerant of my iPad. He calls it my secret affair. I do pay a lot of attention to it. Well one of us has to be in touch with the outside world.

About a year back we were away and the placed we stayed in had a very interesting bath. The whole bath was box like. And we could both bath in that one easier. So a couple of months back we had one installed in our guest bathroom. Today we saved water and bathed Together . Sunday, sexy lazy day.

Have a good week all. Ivan


10 thoughts on “The best of days: Lazy Sunday’s.

    1. I am maybe just damn lucky took a long time to get to were we are. Maybe we have lost our egos on the way and found a place in the middle. Thanks for always posting great comments. Ivan

  1. This sounds so nice! My husband and I try to do the same thing with Saturdays. There’s nothing better than locking the world away and enjoying the day together. Sometimes social obligations intrude, but it’s nice to have that sacred time, one on one. 🙂

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