Suicide, It does not make sense.


Over the last couple of days I have been following a story about a person who committed suicide. It’s sad that this person got to the point for him the only option was suicide.

Some  background: this person was a successful sports person, was in jail for some violent crimes, was a dad, a son and about all a person.  I am not going to give details of who he is, as my point is not about him specifically.

This person suicide has been sensationalized in the media, allegedly he was bi-sexual or gay and was on the down-low, or just hiding this from the world. Now he may have been in prison for some serious crimes, may have been gay, but the reality is he is dead. I do not want to comment on suicide, or give my view on this now. A mother has lost her son, a daughter her dad, a fiancé her partner. So why does the media and all the stories I read focus on his sexual orientation as their main “HEADLINE” on these events.

Yes sex sells stories, however as a Gay Man I read all these stories of this man and feel that being gay is still viewed as a we are freaks of society. Just the way I see it.



7 thoughts on “Suicide, It does not make sense.

  1. I read about this story yesterday. It’s sad and tragic by any account and point of view. That this person was now outed as bi-sexual, only feeds the media’s sense of sensationalism to the story. Scandal sells, sadly, and when it comes to athletes who have to hide their sexuality in order to make a career, to be accepted, or internalized homophobia, it means there is still work to be done about acceptance and tolerance.

  2. Thank you on keeping him anonymous. I’ve seen too much of the headline on CNN and quite upset. We are all flawed in our own way but to perpetually focusing on someone’s gender shows we have a long way to go. Fabien

  3. A very moving and poignant post, Ivan. I appreciate your sincerity AND respect for the individual. Pity that the mainstream journalists don’t have the same integrity and sensitivity. What good is it to malign a person over a situation that they have no control? The sensationalism of the media may help sell their print publications but it does little for their credibility and even less for their professional standards (if they even have any). Naked hugs!

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