Another month gone by.


To me, this year is just rolling alone as super-lightning speed.  March is coming to the end and so far ts been one busy year. All good, well most of it.

And as March bids us farewell, I realize how isolated I am right now with my family. This time is not due to lack of trying on my side. I m getting no replies to emails, Facebook messages or even the odd text message. The way I see it, they too wrapped up in their own life’s and I am not that important on a day to level. Plus I was very vocal about the controlling nature of my one sibling.  I belive  their is a thin line berween caring and meddling, The bottom line (pun intended), with time I am becoming more and more distance from my brother, sister,  nephews/nieces and my parents.

Sad but it’s my reality, I have lost the connection I once had with them. It’s due to distance of were we all live now. And lastly I hate to admit is, but part of this is also due to the fact that my family battles to accept I am a Gay Man. They have strong religious believes, which I respect but I no longer holds those believes.

End of March, and I ain’t bummed out yesterday.  Ivan

6 thoughts on “Another month gone by.

  1. I agree, Ivan, this year is passing by too fast. It seems like only yesterday I was shovelling snow, and now the daffodils are blooming. I’m sorry your family isn’t more communicative with you and your spouse. Perhaps in time they’ll change. It’s good that the both of you are moving forward in your lives together. Naked hugs!

    1. Thanks for the reply and kind words. The reality is to except life for what it . That may sound cold and cruel, but it’s my reality and I am actually doing pretty damn good. Hacking a great Sunday. Hope all good with you and you settled in your new home. Ivan.

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