When you don’t agree!


With any relationship, good,  bad or indifferent, their are times when you will not always agree. In fact you may differ as in day and night.

At this stage it can get ugly and especially with men. Maybe it’s all about territory, maybe it’s just the testosterone.  Now this is were you need to back down or relentlessly keep going. What ever you do it’s going cause tension, tears maybe and a lot of anger.

The way I see it is, ask how important is this.  That should give you your answer. I am also going to make it very clear that resolving any argument is not about the same person always backing down. It’s about two minds, two ideas and two very different people who are trying to keep a healthy relationship. Is it’s always one sided then they way I see it, it  how can one person loose their voice.

When  you don’t always agree on anything, don’t destroy each other character, or sabotage the realtionship in that moment of a split second when you have to always be right.


2 thoughts on “When you don’t agree!

  1. Good observation, Ivan. Thank you. The way that Aaron and I achieve harmony is through compromise. The important thing to remember about a relationship (marriage) is that it isn’t always about right or wrong; it is all about love. Naked hugs!

  2. It’s an old cliche` that’s been used to death but it simply stands firm and true- don’t go to bed angry at another. Nothing is above being worked out like calm, rational lovers. Just talk it out, clear the air, apologize if you’re in the err, and work to repair whatever damage may have been done. Nice finding your blog, btw.
    Insta- @mark.bailes
    Twitter- @markbailes6

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