Sleepy Sunday.


Sunday’s I think are meant for doing very little.

When my family stayed close by, we would always have a mandatory family lunch. It was special and uncomplicated. Fast forward, I no longer live close by. In fact I still same in the same city, my whole family has moved. My family now is William and our two cats.  When I write these words I realize how important William has become. How our normal has taken years to get to. Most Sunday’s we are alone. We prefer it this way.

William slept late this morning, he usually wakes up when I get up to make my first coffee. This morning he slept in and only opened his eyes close to ten. We both stayed in bed this morning and watched some TV. I jumped into the shower and changed in some very unflattering sweatpants and my favourite t-shirt.

Maybe it’s age, but the desire for no social interaction on a Sunday’s are the norm. Maybe it’s because William likes being with me and just the knowledge that we home alone is good enough.


Some Sundays I make a traditional Sunday meal. This tradition is based on my childhood, my heritage, Williams heritage and also what we now call our own way of a Sunday meal. The only difference is we may more laid back and less formal than what my family’s Sunday lunches were. I believe food Is a way of bringing people together. William makes one mean Sunday meal, but it’s not every week. We not as regimental as how we were both brought up.

Now  here is something rather personal about our Sundays. Over the years it’s changed but for the last couple of years, Sundays and sex are very natural and incredible intense. We do not have aet days for initimacy, but maybe it’s the huge physical attraction we still have for each other, and let’s just say Sunday’s keep me smiling.

Have a great week all.  Ivan.

8 thoughts on “Sleepy Sunday.

  1. That sounds like an idyllic way to spend a Sunday, and how I’d love to spend mine.. if only there was someone to spend it with LOL

    Enjoy your day and have a great week. 🙂

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