The Power of Touch


The way I see it, men have been taught to be tough, to hide our feelings and emotions. Now add in the mix being a Gay Man, we are not always welcomed when we show public displays of affection.

William is not a very touchy person, and I think I am very much the same with people. I am not overly affectionate to people, and that includes my family.

William and myslef often lie in bed when I am reading his is watching TV, and hold hands.  Just the physical feeling of that warm or cold hand, just seems to make any bad day or situation, right.

It’s been proven that any form of touch, is good for our emotional and physical wellbeing. With touch I am not referring to intimacy or sex. To me I think we don’t touch each other enough.



10 thoughts on “The Power of Touch

  1. I think my level of touching all depends on who I’m around.. some friends I can be quite comfortable having a hug or cuddle without it meaning anything sexual or intimate.

    1. I think a lot has to do with how your childhood was and who your clan is. Italians very touchy, English not so much. And then their is me who does not like people in my space. Thanks for the visit.

      1. Quite true.. my dad’s side of the family is British so get what you mean about how undemonstrative they are. I’m more affectionate with friends than my family.

      2. I agree, I have a mate who is Italian and the men kiss each other hello, and his family adore William so we have got use to this very warm and loving family who shows physically attention often. I am more of a WASP. He. He.

  2. I agree with your statement that most men are taught to be tough and hide our emotions. Fortunately, Aaron and I both enjoy each others company and touching one another. I guess it depends on the two men involved. Thanks, Ivan! Naked hugs!

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