William getting older


Weekends are always our time, has been this way for many years now. We are currently the “Gay Gardeners”.

We started by doing the garden in the front of the house about a year back. It was always just their and we never really took much care or notice of it. This weekend we have just finished with the garden on the other side of the house.  William woke up a couple of weeks back and dug out most of the garden on that side which is in a form of a L-shape. We have slowly being putting in new plants, rocks, pots etc and it it’s looking excellent. Very radical change.

Now that leads to my next part of this post. William I can see is getting older. Physically I can see that he has slight love handles and before you judge me, I also have changed over the years. My hairline is slowly moving North, while my butt is going south.


William was the person who never felt the cold, he could sleep in a tshirt or nothing summer to winter. Of late he has been wearing pajama pants, welcome to my world William. I feel the change of season.

Now besides the physical effects of age, I can see that emotions have changed and he has a different view of life compared to how he was 10-12 years back.

I still think he has a sexy butt and life is good, very good.  Ivan.

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