Relationship, the way I see it:


Why are we together?
Even though the stigma of being Gay is slowly receding into the realms of normality, there’s still work to be done when you commit yourself to a relationship. This can also work in your favor, though, as it’s a struggle you and your partner face together. It’s a common cause when you have to deal with not being fully accepted; something you both understand and have experience with. The relationship becomes about more than the family that you may or may not be creating, and that could lead to something special (or a house full of cats and dogs.)

This is in no way a dismissal of straight relationships. Anybody should have the right to love whoever makes them happy, and be able to live comfortably without fear or opposition. However, it is undeniable that there are perks to being in a Gay relationship that straight couples may never get to experience.

img_1739Now the way I see it, all relationships need lots of effort, sacrifice yes you have to be in any relationship for the right reasons. This has nothing to do with gay or straight. To be really present in a relationship, you must be all you can be and all you want to be.

To me a relationahip gives me stability, meaning and the most profound feeling of closeness I have every experience with anybody.   William can still irritate me beyond, and his stubborn nature has taken me years to understand. It has taken me years to fully understand this man, and I still don’t always get him, but with longevity comes a greater understand of your partner and yourself.

I love been Ivan, the gay man.



4 thoughts on “Relationship, the way I see it:

  1. A beautiful post, the two against the world thing is not unique to being a gay couple, though it’d be arrogant to assume I knew how this felt. You speak so eloquently and lovingly about love and relationships, that tell me some things are universal. Also these are the best things.
    My best to you and William

  2. Hi Ivan! A very good post here. The funny thing about relationships is the way our thinking process changes from “poor old me” to “what are we going to do about this! Naked hugs!

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