We need a shave.


William and myself have not shaved in 5 days.  You may think this is no Big Deal, well as we both shave everyday of the week, I think it is. Maybe it’s missing the ritual of the routine of shaving, or is it a sign of the great time we have had this past week.

Carefree of any family and friends commitments, and the ability to just be home and do all those odd tasks we just have never got to during the year.

The strange thing is that I have more than a couple of great hair on by now unshaven face, not sure how I feel about this reality. William on the other hand has had the odd grey hair for a couple of years now.

This is first time in 12 years that we have spend the holidays alone at home. Prior years we have either been away or had family with us. To be frank I felt no guilt at all of for once been totally selfish. The holidays they way I see it, are very intense family time that is actully very stressful. That’s just how I see it and I am just not the person who is focused on family. William family were also away this year and to be honest we were both more excited about there holiday than they were.



You may be thinking  we have just being lazy, just eating junk food and just denting the chairs and bed with our lazy butts, you could not be more wrong. We had a list of a couple things we needed to do, well the list is done and we still busy with stuff. Now it may just be the time of year, or the fact that we with each other 24/7 who knows who cares but our sex life is way off the charts. We have a jacuzzi/hot tub and daily we get all steamed up.


Enough said.  Ivan.

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