We can choice to NOT walk alone.


Why do they call this the holidays? To me it’s just one big stress session of trying to fit in and do what is expected. I say make your own rules.

Both William and myself have  some single friends, straight and gay. Now it’s got nothing to do with sexual identification at all, but about choices. I belive that many single people, are just full of shit. This is how I see it, with any relationship  we have to adapt and allow each other to be an individual yet finding happiness, love, respect and one great realtionship with all the bells, lights, special effects that make it special.

It cannot be my way or no way at all as let’s be honest that no life for anybody. Yes we all have flaws and can irritate people around us, however I belive that every person has qualities that outway any negative charteristics. For me the way William packs the dishwasher irritates me no end, and when I leave my car keys or house keys anywhere in the house, I know Williams gets equally irritated with me. For him they keys must be put away in the “key cupboard”.  Now this may all read as being very juvenile and silly, however these mannerism can lead to major conflict.

Fortunetly for me, William and myslef have a lot in common and both have similar believes and are very similar in beahviour. An example of this is that for us, we both have to have our own bathrooms. Why, I cannot actually explain it is just this way and we have a very content home.  Nothing is too personal or “precious” that we cannot adapt to. And above this we actully walk together day by day. It’s taken many years to get to this, but we choice to work on this and I make a very conscious effort every day. That me just sending a random text or making a coffee, washing the cars.  The world does not revolve around me and I do not walk on quicksand. I am just Ivan.

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