Is it just me.


I am not sure how other people are doing this time of year, but for me I am not in the best of places. Work, family and friends in that order. Maybe it’s this time of year or because it was actully a crap year. Not sure why.

William and myslef are spending the holidays season at home, alone. And that our choice in fact how we want it.

work has been hectic and it’s the silly season so people are acting all wierd if you ask me. However it’s nearly time for the holidays, so let’s hope these office parties and antics are soon over. Talking of office parties, it it just me or does anybody else see how adults act like children and give a new meaning to “free”. Just because you don’t have to pay foe drink does not mean you must consume all in sight.

In my prior blogs I have written about it my family, well a short update, things are still not any better. It’s very strained and what I had been thinking for a number of years, was confirmed a couple of weeks back. My family has a huge problem that I am A Gay Man. I tried to rationalize this but that also did not make sense.

William and myslef have been together 14 years now, I am going to be a mid thirty years old next year. We have a house, a very stable relationship and a very boring vanilla life. So WTF is wrong with my family, William has become very successful and given me a great life, and I am very happy and content. However they don’t see this, and it actully has hurt me badly this time. My brother has shown more interest and acceptance of William’s Macan, than anything else.

So here I am the brother that makes my brother and sister uncomfortable because I am Gay. William has been saying this for a number of years however I never saw it how he did. He was right. And now because of the holidays and all the religious connection with these holidays, my holy-than-you brother is just acted like an ass.

He spoke to William about 4 weeks back and said that because we don’t have a family and responsibilities like he does, we should man up and put our differences aside. We (William and yours truly) are a family and it’s actully okay for me today to feel this hurst and pain at this time of year.


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