Best way to spend a lazy Sunday!


We have a hot tub/jacuzzi/whirlpool whatever you may know it by. It’s a room with big glass doors and we have lots of great plants in that area. Strange when we bought this house, we never really though we would use this that often. How wrong we were.

So this morning we jumped in and it was not hot yet, however after about an hour it was really at an ideal temperate. Our small cat joins us as has no fear for water and sits and watches us. Your whole body just turns to jelly with the jets of water literally washing away all the stress and tension. Great way to unwind, catch up on life. What more can you ask for, being so close to each other, we naked and it’s very intimate and sensual.

Have a good week all.  Ivan

11 thoughts on “Best way to spend a lazy Sunday!

  1. Sounds like an amazing way to spend the day.. am totally jealous I don’t have something like that here, especially as it’s getting colder and colder each day. lol

  2. Good friends of mine who are a couple have one, and when I visit them we get in…..does the body so good. I’m so relaxed when we come out. Last year we even got in when it was snowing…….very magical. Theirs is outdoors.

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