Make Time and lots of effort.

Like the season of spring, winter, summer and autumn, I think relationships  have the same “seasons”.  Of late I have been very consumed with work and family matters. Above this William has been doing some more studies, he already has two degrees but likes to challenge himself.  So life has consumed us.

That catholic or Jewish guilt has been keeping me up at night, I know I have priorities the wrong stuff lately. William has been patience however with time we seem to have spend less time with each other. Our sex life before was very good, however that was now walking or more like running to the dry dessert.

I changed my schedule and William has written he final exams, so I had no excuse. I starting getting back to basics, I realised how much William does for me that I actully just accept as part of our life. I started to pack and unpack the dishwasher, simply stuff, I also took an afternoon off from work and did all the shopping for the house. Simply stuff that I have to admit I do sometimes take for granted.

However I soon realised that our relationship has changed. Not a major change but it’s been slow and gradual. We have more trust, are very honest and never do anything to be hurtful to each other. It’s very adult. And yes relationship have to change just like the seasons, if not then I think it’s over for most relationships. Our relationship is about so much more than just sex and sharing a house and household expenses.  I have this profound feeling for William, and we share a very deep intimacy. And after close to 14 years, we still have this very explosive physical attraction. I have never know this kind of love, pain, hurt, joy and above all I can be real me, who I was meant to be. I am authentic, and that because of William.

Make the time and do it willingly, eat those olives that you don’t like but he does. Because I know William does so much for me, just because it makes me happy and deep down I belive he like me more when I smile and laugh.



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