Being a grown up.

Do we suddenly wake up and realize one day that we all grown up and adults full time. Full of responsibility, commitments, and sensible at last. The fun is not all gone, we just all grown up. We have homes, families and is this not we all dreamed and desired?

its actully all good!

The different phases of life have taught us sometime on the way. How we lusted after sex as teenagers, romanticized what drinking and smoking would be like. To have our own money and own homes.

Maybe somewhere between 13 and 33 we have forgotten all of this. We all grown up and have forgotten the innocence of life. Are we taking what we have for granted?

In our house is relatively calm, especially post William stopping drinking. The tranquility of the water fountain in the courtyard is interrupted  by our two four legged furry children.   The reality is we long back gave up calling our home ours, it’s now our two cats home and we are the caretakers. And for me I would have it no other way. William is the gentle giant with these two cats. The way he plays with them and talks to them just makes me smile. And at night the baby of the two sleeps next to me. And yes we both grown men, but that has not taken away our pure childlike joy with have knowing these two are are family.

Now I never wanted children, however I never knew when I Ivan was about 16, that my family would be William the country boy with the sexy butt. It’s all grown up to have a partner/husband/wife and know you responsibly for them. You are a team and have created your own little private world. A world of your own, it’s not the fairytale world, it’s the real world. The world of money, mortgages, sickness, health, travel, routines, and deep deep love. I never thought that I would ever love someone so deeply, so profound, and with time this love is more complex, yet so simply. I have only been with this man, William for the last 13 plus years. I desire no one else, I may look at someone yet my desire is only for him. Not sex, not money, not his worldly possessions, just to be with him for who he is.

I have a strong person, stubborn, willful, yet with age I have wisdom. Let it be and judging others only reflects against my own character.

Being all grown up, is actully awesome.



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