Sunday’s time-out


I have been been very distracted of late with work and some family matters. This had lead to me neglecting my blog and William.

Now William is a patience man, however he said to me the other day, why you home so early and it was 6:30 in the evening. This jolted me back to my own reality. I need to find time for work and more time for home and William.

Now with all these crazy hours and extended work schedules our time together has resulted in a well let’s just say a dry spell of love. That all changed this Friday, I got home early (mid-afternoon), and made us a huge picnic meal that we had n the spare bedroom. I had pizza, cannelloni, cheese platters, strawberries with chocolate, and a host of other food. Willaim had no idea when he got home Friday what I had planned. I had run a bath with lots of bath salts, candles and some good old fashion music.

We watched a movie, well tried to, but decided that the spare bedroom is not the place to sleep. Our bedroom has a very comfortable bed and a hotel room is great but your spare bedroom just does not have the same sexy feeling of your own bed.

Saturday was spend sleeping late and then just being home alone.

Today we have done very little but that’s also good. I have been reading and William was catching up on his TV series. Did however have a shower together this morning, I say no more.



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