Another year has passed. But we still remember.



Time may have passed but the memories are so vivid. For me what happened on that day will remain with me, some merrier fade, this one does not.

William and myself have visited ground zero and it remains one of the most sobering, chilling experiencing. We did not know anybody personal who was effected, but it effects us all in some many ways.

I was reading all the names and tears kept rolling down my face when we visited the site. William walked away from me as he was sobbing uncontrollable, he had read the words of a women who died with her unborn child on that day. Sad, senseless and for me I will never understand WHY. Let’s not forget those today who lost family, friends, lovers, husbands, wife’s, sons and daughters.








6 thoughts on “Another year has passed. But we still remember.

  1. This is definitely a day that will remain in everyone’s memory for a very long time, as each year we’ll recall where we were when we heard what was happening and how it made a difference in our lives. And that’s just those of us who didn’t know anyone who was directly affected by the attacks.

    And you’re right.. it was senseless and unnecessary. But I don’t think we’ll ever truly get an answer the the ‘why’ of it all.

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