The way I see weddings:


We went a wedding. But that not breaking news, what is, is that William wore a suit. He is a very casual person and his work environment is very laid back. I on the other hand am very formal for work. So it was surprising when he got home after getting a suit.

The  wedding was a very small. Just close friends and some family. Was a very moving wedding and I did shed a tear or more. It a second marriage for one of Williams friends and she is very close with William. Her now husband Marco, is very funny and just the life of any gathering. And a big plus for us is that he genuinely loves us, and is very comfortable with gay people. Let me explain that, some straight men do not feel very at ease or able to make conversation with gay boys. Maybe it’s an ego thing with all men, straight or gay.

Back to the wedding, and the mystery of the suit. Marco had asked William to give a speak at the r caption but it was a complete surprise to me and the bride. For me I was completely overwhelmed. William is shy and people assume that because he is this 6 plus foot, we’ll build with love handles guy could be that shy. But William gave a pretty damn good  speech, as nervous as he was. Was a great wedding.

So why do we get married, for sex, love, stability, financial reasons, peer pressure. I think most people do marry for the right reasons. Well I hope so.and that got me thinking, and that’s when I asked William should be consider getting married legally. The reply I got was very blunt but honest. Why. He said we had a partnership agreement, all legal issues have been sorted and as far as  he is concerned we ARE married. Why change what we have.

I am not sure of this. Would I like to be “married” and why. Or do I just want to throw a huge party?  I am all for marriage for ALL. BUT ITS NOT FOR ALL.


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