Stalking William


William is a bath person. To him he never goes to bed before he has bathed. For me I usually shower in the mornings, and will bath in the evening. Yesterday William was bathing un the afternoon and I joined him in the bath. Now the bath is not a bad size, however William is 6 feet something, it was slightly uncomfortable initially however we soon found a comfortable positions to just lay in the bath. We were in the bath for nearly an hour and just lay in the hot water and forgot all the stresses of the week.

William was completely shocked when I walked in to his bathroom and just got into the bath. He did not see that coming. He often joins me in the shower after we have been in the jacuzzi/hot tub. image

I find water very relaxing and it seems to calm me. However unlike William I very seldom lay in a bath for extended periods of time. But with all the upheaval with my family that bath was the best thing for me.   I will write a blog later on this and the developments.

We were away a couple of weeks back and we heard that their was a naturalist nude beach close by. Now this is not in my comfort zone at all. William read about this and his comment was, not in a million years. Strange how we feel so comfortable a home walking get naked when we going to change or bath and we jacuzzi/hot tub naked, but not in a public place with others.  William is actully rather conservative in many ways. And I think I am very self conscious maybe as I am short-legged. I am also very aware of parts of my body. This is all due To me reading on of my favourite bloggers Ramblings of a Supposed Disease Free Mind and his energy in embracing life and sometimes that means in the bluff. And his outlook of how we perceive our bodies.

And lastly I stalked William having a shower a couple of days back.




7 thoughts on “Stalking William

  1. I’ve found that as I get older I am more comfortable with being naked. I know my body isn’t perfect and is probably getting less so with each year, but it is the only one I have so I might as well enjoy it.

  2. Ahh thanks for the shout out Ivan! To be honest as uncomfortable as you guys may think you’ll be on the beach for whatever reasons, you’ll quickly fund it truly doesn’t matter. I’m a short, chubby/obese, hairy guy.. and not exactly a porn star downstairs. Lol I just think it’s something everyone should try once in their life.. and if you don’t like it you can at least say you tried.

    Anyway. . . glad you got some time to relax with William. Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing time.

    1. You have an interesting way of seeing this. I am just so self conscious and William to be honest is not all that adventurous sometimes. We did sunbath nude once in public but let’s just say I got horny. He he.

  3. Sounds to me like your weekend could be more perfect. I only have been nude in public when up in the mountains. I some times like to lay naked on the dock in the sun at the lake. I too have laid there in the very late night…amazing to lay there naked, one with nature, and see those stars.

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