Close the world. Just for today.


lazy days.

I have not been feeling great of late. Think I am suffering from exhaustion and dealing with some issues around my family.

William is not the shopper in our house, however when he does go shopping, he sure does. On Friday I got home and walked in to see lots of shopping bags. William decided we needed more socks, underwear, new sleepwear shirts and pants (mine mainly) and aftershave. He also got himself some great jeans and shirts. He works at a place that has a very informal dress code.  Now at this point I was impressed, and even more impressed with the underwear he got me. I got some very sexy boxers, shorts and hipsters. No aussieBum as they have become very pricey. William really knows me, and he was cocky if not damn arrogant about how good a shopper he is. I let the man have his 15 minutes of fame.

We spend the entire weekend at home just doing things around the house and I even made us a traditional roast dinner. Presently I just want the world to stop, and let me just take a deep breath and out a sign up and say “leave me alone”.

I am incredibly busy at work, we doing restructure and business alignment that is more focused on the future markets.  It is going well, but is draining, emotionally and physically   And then when you least expect it, family issues.

Short background on my family: the relationship with my family is strained and I live far away from them all, so they not involved in my day to day life.  Added to this, they still have not fully accepted that I am a gay man and therefore William does feel left out from them. The biggest difference I have with my family is religion. That’s just the way it is. I have made a choice and in so doing my siblings believe I have abandoned my faith and heritage.

A month back I got a call from my eldest brother, and he had the shitty job of informing me about some dark things to do with my Dad’s past. Not an easy conversation, especially since my brother and myself are not that close.  I am dealing with this all by basically placing more distance and boundaries around my family. It’s sad however I realised that I will not have that ideal close relationship with family and I am more than coping with that. I have been the outsider and very independent from an early age. Honest, it does upset me and the relationship I had with my Dad was very dysfunctional, but at least we could talk on some level. So let the world shut down for one day and leave me alone.



7 thoughts on “Close the world. Just for today.

  1. Turn off the mobiles. Unplug the Internet. And just curl up with that sexy man of yours and relax.. It’s something we all need to do at times, especially when things are getting stressful. Take a long bath. Have William give you a nice long massage. Whatever it takes to loosen those knots (both physical or metaphorically), then do it. No matter how busy or crazy life gets, you can’t forget to take time out for yourself.

    Oh and lots of hugs always help too. 😊

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