Anything but beige!

Being a long term relationship has been one of my most rewarding achievements. It’s been a long road but a path that has taught me great wisdom, shown me happiness, sadness love and hurt. A full spectrum of life. And I still have my feet on the ground even though I am short  legged.

Being monogamous was a choice and still is. My love life has never been better and it’s still fun and very much apart of our relationship. Many people may view our relationship as run of the mill, beige, vanilla or just plain boring. Well it sure ain’t beige to us. After 12 years we still like being with each other. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable and a true adventure of excitement.

Monogamy is not just about sex, it’s about intimacy. People describe sex and intimacy in many ways. The way I see it, sex if focused on the physical, while intimacy adds something else in addition to the physical. Intimacy transcends the physical.


Now when you first get together you usually seldom leave the bedroom, however with time life interrupts. You have family to see, bills to pay, careers, friends and a life.

Beige is not always boring. What’s is boring is routine, and taking each other for granted, and becoming too complainant. Now we all life in a reality were we have to be routine, in a big way grey people. Work, sleep, work you get my drift. Now here lies the challenge, embrace the routine but keep your realtionship alive in an way you can. I am not talking date night Friday. Be spontaneous. Make time for just the two of you with no other motive than just being with each other. And maybe make time for some sexy fun as life can overpower us with work and day to day challenges.

Now as much as we may like having a lazy Sunday and just being in our pajamas or old Tshirt and short. You can still brush your teeth and have a shower in the morning. Don’t loose yourself to be a slob, nothing attractive about that. I still find William immensely attractive as the whole person, looks, mannerism, manners and just how he hold himself. Beige I think not.



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