Is the gay community becoming reckless?

I am a reader, always have been. Most nights I will take the iPad and read news, blogs, basically most sites that I find interesting and obviously many gay related issues.

Now as William and myslef are very much not a part  of any of the “scene” we still hold our gay memberships proudly.  I also have some gay men who work with me and we all talk.

I am the first to admit that being single, gay in today’s time is very challenging. However with all our smart phones, apps, we can basically get laid anytime all you need is data on your phone or Internet. Nothing wrong with sex. What is wrong is the believe  that PREP will keep you safe and that you can hook up as much as you like. Condoms are becoming taboo, as it is not Natural. I can rant on and on. What about AIDS. Or was that something that only effected prior generations of gay men?


Now I am not making a statement about all gay men, but I have noticed that the attitude about sex, even drug use is taken less serious. I am not fool myslef  and also no angel. Maybe when I first got my gay membership card, I met older gay men who informed us more about gay life.

This is just how I see it.  Ivan





One thought on “Is the gay community becoming reckless?

  1. First off welcome back. I hope you two had a wonderful trip. Great post and tips. I too am FAR from an angel. But I always use condoms, and if the person im with doesn’t like it, I show them where the door is. I’m not risking my health for not using a condom. Just because the Great Aids Epidemic hit, doesn’t mean were out of the water.

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