Alone at home.

How life has changed for us over the years. William was the life and soul of the party, and then he become sober. I have also had some radical changes in my life since we first got together. Luckily we have remained on the same pages and moved on with life with very much the same ideas, believes and principals.

William is still very much a country boy in many ways. However the city has given him a lot more character and confidence. One thing that has never changed is William manners and who he is. Now that may sound wrong, however I know people who have changed their personality and value system as they be me more successful, financial stable or even when they partner with someone else. Now I am not saying we must not grow as people, but remain true to who we are.

Now I have been experiencing some family challenges with some serious issues. It’s brought things from my past back into my present and I am really battling to deal with  this and my family crises. William has remained in the background mostly, however he did get very direct with me the other day as all he is trying to do is to protect me. He knows me better than even my family does. Sad how I feel that I am moving further way from them. But that’s actully good for me right  now. It’s good to know that I am not alone and William in general does not get involved with these issues, but  he texted me on Wednesday telling me how he saw all of this and believes that I must walk away and deal with this in my own way. Being the youngest child, I still belive that my older siblings think they can unanimously make decisions.

So we have spend the weekend so far just us. I like it this way as we still enjoy just being the two of us and our furry children.

Date a country boy all.  Ivan.

2 thoughts on “Alone at home.

  1. I’ve got me a country boy 🙂 It’s our second anniversary today. We’re definitely moving in the chill at home alone phase. We can “party” every once in a while, but only for like, Pride weekend lol. Lovely post!

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