Time away. Just us.


A couple of months back William and I decided we needed a break from our daily routine.  Now usually we don’t really plan holidays too far in advance, however this was different.  It was one of our special dates that we celebrate together.

We headed off to a mountain retreat and then on for a couple of days at the beach. I survived the flight, amazing what some pills can do. We then had a real road trip after our flight. Rental cars add to the whole adventure.

The place in the mountains was also close to a lake, and if I may say very romantic. Our cottage had amazing views, but the best part was the bath. A huge tub that we could both lie in very comfortable. William is a bath guy, me more of a shower person. I highly recommend we share water and bath with your loved one.

We had a great time away and after all this time, we both love just being the two of us. And maybe it’s just being away from home, and I am not complaining at all, your just have great sex.



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