Anything but beige!

Being a long term relationship has been one of my most rewarding achievements. It’s been a long road but a path that has taught me great wisdom, shown me happiness, sadness love and hurt. A full spectrum of life. And I still have my feet on the ground even though I am short  legged. Being … More Anything but beige!

Alone at home.

How life has changed for us over the years. William was the life and soul of the party, and then he become sober. I have also had some radical changes in my life since we first got together. Luckily we have remained on the same pages and moved on with life with very much the … More Alone at home.

Time away. Just us.

A couple of months back William and I decided we needed a break from our daily routine.  Now usually we don’t really plan holidays too far in advance, however this was different.  It was one of our special dates that we celebrate together. We headed off to a mountain retreat and then on for a … More Time away. Just us.