William makes me feel safe.


I have had two or is it three very challenging and exhausting weeks at work. Today I got some feedback that all this work has not really paid off. Long story will not bore you.

I am mentally and physically exhausted and it does not help that I have not been sleeping well.  The best part is coming home and feeling safe, I love our home with all our stuff and our cats. Strange how after this not so good time, William just knows what to do. Let’s me vent then tells me to get over other people’s issues and makes me realize and see the bigger picture. Life the good, bad, the small things and that I am still pretty special in his eyes.

This week the builders have finished doing the next phase in our home renovations and it’s looking damn amazing.

The way I see it, don’t take for granted the people who care most for you, they the ones that count the most. Ivan

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