Elitist Ass


Elitist is another word for “snob.” If you Live in the best neighbourhood,  wear only the finest silk suits, and hang around only with other Similar judgements assholes  , then you’re an elitist. A fairly recent addition to the English language, the noun elitist, came about from a mix of elite + ist in 1950.

Let’s face it its just your own perception of who you are. It stems from being a very insecure person, well that’s how I see it. Now the reason for this post is that I work with a true elitist . And this person is a capital A hole. I am tired on being judged, and as Gay Man I have had my share of judging, discimination and hatred aimed towards me. So in part I have allowed this person to rattle my cage, however today I realised how pathetic he is a human. Pretending that’s he better than all of us, is condescending in how he talks and is incredibly threaten by people who are smarted, successful, wealthy and have more than he does. It’s actully not about money, but he measures success and his own self worth based on worlds goods, and if it’s a high end brand then he is in his own fools paradise.

His behaviour towards other people is down right disgusting. He talks down to words others and can be obnoxiously rude. It’s upsets most people. And we should all be treated equally irrespective or race, religion, “status”, upbringing or sexual orientation.

Today I think I pushed all the wrong buttons with this elitist, and it was completely unintentional. William has taken leave this week and so this morning I took his car to go to work so that he could take mine to get the spare tyre replaced. I arrive at the office parking at the same time as Mr Elitist, and here I, Ivan the part Jewish, gay man gets out of Williams Porsche. It did not go down well. I got completely ignored after I tried to be friendly.  Your a bully and you have no place in our society.

It pissed me off. This judgemental arrogant man was not going to upset me no more.

The way I see it, we have a choice to allow or not allow others around us to effect who we are.

I choice to treat others with kindness and respect.

Lesson to all elitist, what material possession I may or may not have, what religion I may be or not be, who I choice to love and be with does not define who I truly am. I am Ivan, trying very hard to be the true authentic Ivan I can be and am.


6 thoughts on “Elitist Ass

  1. I have friends from all walks of life. Poor, rich, average income, eccentric and all nationalities. Variety is the spice of life. But I notice elitist stick together. Most I met are bores, airbags and are so one dimensional. Its like its all for show. I myself hang with all walks and buy whatever I like, whether it be a $250 sweater or a $5 sweater. I have one friend who is so elitist he won’t even buy it if it’s on sale. And then you get a gay man who is an elitist…..there their worst! I sure hope you time goes by quick without William and don’t let that asshole bother you.

  2. You are right in the choice we have about letting people affect or not affect us, but it is a difficult one especially for someone who is compassionate, as I sense you are. Even though this was a difficult encounter, be glad that you are the one with genuine human feelings. To my way of thinking, kindness towards others trumps everything else in this life. Thanks for this post, you bring up a really good point for us to think about.

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