Sensual, sexy, healthy.


William and myslef have been together nearly 12 years. And it’s been a challenging yet an incredible rewarding relationship, partnership. When I met William, he had just moved to the city about two years prior. He was a student. And he also had a girlfriend at that time. He had been on the down low, or maybe he is bisexual. I was his first “boyfriend”. And I was happy been single when we met. We met very unplanned as I was out having a drink with a friend and he was their with friends. And as they say the rest is history or our story.

Since we have been together we have had good times, great times and sadly some dark times. William has overcome alcoholism, I have suffered from bad dark depression. All part of our paths we have taken together. The irony of this as I write is that about 7 years back we nearly called it quits.


What actully helped us go forward was for me to go visit my family alone. We got distance and perspective on what really matters. Those ten days away from our home we had together, suddenly gave me  hope for the future. As different as William and myself may be, we both wanted the same. A life together.

What I realised is that as people we evolve as we get older, however the essence of who we really are remains with us if we so choose. And yes we have seen success, professionally, financially and in love and happiness. However I still ask does it all matter the trappings of life if you are alone. And yes you can be more alone even in a relationship.

William is my best friend, my confidant, my lover, my partner and my equal. After all these years we both prefer to spend time with just us and our four legged furry children at our home. We enjoy being with each other. William can watch TV and I can read but we both present. We seldom argue the ugly argument,  we disagree but I have learned to compromise and it works. I have mentioned this in my Blogs before, Willaim has manners. He always thanks me when I make him coffee, he texts me to always thank me if I have done something for him. He treats me proper and protects me and looks after me when he needs be. We are both individuals and still have our own unique identity.


William and myself have a great sex life. I have overcome my thinking that sex is shameful or a taboo subject. Mainly due to my childhood and let’s say my family was not overjoyed when I told them I am a gay man. Religious beliefs, and yes it has got better with my family.

The way I see it and this is only my view, many couples prefer to have sex outside of a relationship, and open relationship, or the belive that after some years, sex gets boring. Not for me, I may be slightly conservative and have a slightly vanilla sex life compared to others. But all to their own. For me, sex gets better with time, more sensual, more familiar and when you with someone you love it’s so much more than just a bonk, a happy ending etc. it’s about holding hands, touching the person when you give them a coffee, that unexpected kiss. It’s so much more. And to be frank, for me I am more comfortable being myslef clothed or unclothed with William now. And it’s not just sex that important, but it’s great having a smile most days.



2 thoughts on “Sensual, sexy, healthy.

  1. Ahhh… such a lovely piece about your love and life together. It always warms my heart to hear how the two of you have persevered over the bumps in the road to get to such a loving and mutually beautiful place in life. And I agree with you – with the right partner, sex should get better with time as you grow to know each other more, both personally and emotionally. And always great to hear that you’re smiling 🙂

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