Bed time, what’s your dress code?


We are all different, and that’s what makes this place so amazing. We are all very much individuals and so I think is what we sleep in or not sleep in.

for me it usually a t-shirt and boxers. Or in winter long pajama bottoms and a long sleeve t-shirt.  I get cold easily. I also am a big fan of an overstuffed feather and down duvet for all seasons. William is the complete opposite.

When I first met William, we really battled to share a bed for sleeping. (You can read what ever you like into that last sentence). I have to sleep on the right hand side of a bed, I sleep with one pillow. I also need to be clothed, well not always.

William sleeps with many pillows and actully cuddles them when he sleeps. He likes sleeping in Summer with no duvet. He also likes sleeping natural, a number 4 as per the photo. It’s his ritual of a bath and then just getting into bed. I have tried but it’s makes me or keeps me horny all night. And let’s face it we do need to sleep at some point.

William loves his sleep and can sleep most places and unlike me, does usually sleep well after the first sign of light in the morning.


Now  what’s you sleep dress code?


14 thoughts on “Bed time, what’s your dress code?

  1. I’m like William, I can’t stand to sleep with clothes on, so I sleep nude. I can’t stand getting all twisted and pulled on, unless a man is present. And that goes for all year. Now my bed is a King size, and most nights, except for when the Lad is here, I have the whole bed, but company usually doesn’t bother me. I enjoy two pillows and duvet and blanket. Before bed, it’s usually a tank and pj bottoms. It’s all about lounging.

  2. Depends on the time of year and how warm the flat is.. I prefer sleeping nude or just boxers, but when it’s colder it’s usually boxers or pyjama bottoms with a tshirt or long sleeve if it’s really cold. Of course, if there’s someone sharing my bed (if only! lol), then it’s nude all the way.. much more fun hehe

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