The 2 things that save our relationship.

When I met William I had a dishwasher. Now you may say that is pretty normal. Well maybe not. William was not familiar with one at all. In fact he protested using it initially. This led to very heated arguments. Fast forward 12 years, yes we are no approaching that date, we have had a total of 4 dishwashers. Replaced 2 due to mechanical malfunction, and the latest was just bought due to me wanting the latest Bosch. We both now find it a necessity for our lives. No more arguments over who will do dishes. Peace prevails

Now the second thing that really works for us, is us each having our own bathroom. I know many people cannot have this luxury and live in harmony. William is a bath person and I am a shower guy. It’s also a place of haven that is something you do not share and I can sing in the shower and take my time shaving, brushing my teeth. With no interruption. It’s my sanctuary. Now William is very specific in most things and his bathroom has order and every has its place, we are both like that. Everything must be put away and we are near fanatics. I cannot go to bed if the dishwasher is not packed and the kitchen cleaned. Now back to the bathrooms. It’s actully a very private space and for us not having to share, leads to a very happy home.

And then I must admite, I can be a difficult person. Ivan.

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