2 is the perfect number!


Its been a very challenging week, rough, actully it was a shit week. Work was very intense and the pressure is getting to me. I have been working 10 – 12 hours over the last couple of weeks. I have a number of special projects on at the moment. And above all we are doing major restructuring of the business unit which I am assisting with. Got home Wednesday to a very pleasant surprise, William has planned a mini holiday for us in about 6 weeks. We going to a very remote place, that is set on a lake.

One of our friends is going through a very tough time, he met someone who it turns out was just a plain player. His intentions were not honorable, however our friend cannot see this. It’s actully resulted in our friend spending many evening pouring out his heart to us. Said friend had one too many on Wednesday night and starting drunk texting. William saw the text on Thursday morning and the text message to us was not very kind. Turns out that our friend in his quest for a relationship with this bad ass guy, has completely turned against us and his other friends. Without going into more detail, we cannot be trusted and don’t actully care about him. Now William who is usually very calm, got highly peed off about this drama. And drama is all it actully is. William was the one who a couple of weeks back had to go out after midnight to collect this guy from this person he was seeing after another fight. We done.

thats why I belive that as selfish as it is, I prefer the company of only William mostly. We do need drama. We prefer the quiet life. We have had our fair share of  drunken nights and the wild antics. Now to me, two is the perfect number.



4 thoughts on “2 is the perfect number!

  1. Sorry to hear all of this – the long hours (which will hopefully end soon), and that misguided unappreciative friend. From what you’ve written it seems you’ve gone out of your way to help him. If he can’t see that, then it’s his loss. Oh and that’s a wonderful surprise of William to book that trip. I’m sure it’ll do you a world of good. x

    1. Thanks for the comment. The friend in question, plays the victim, but I also must add that being single is tough for anybody. However as William has said, he must take responsibility for his action. Yip looking forward to away time. Ivan

  2. It seems, when it rains, it pours! I can relate to a busy schedule. Between my work, freelance design project, travel, and two shows im going looney. I too have been in your shoes with a friend. Sadly, we never did mend our friendship, but his situation ended badly and he finally saw what I and other saw. But was too late. We all forgave, but also moved on. William sounds the absolute romantic sweetheart…..a keeper, and a rare find these days.

    1. How true, it is raining with activity at present. I honestly don’t mind the long hours, as I like to be busy. I think that our friend has caused distance between us all and time will tell how he fits into our life. William is a good person and is very good to me. Thanks for the comment. Ivan

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