This week I had to pick William up from the dealership as he was getting his car serviced.  It’s the first service for this car. In true William nature, we arrived too early. William belives in keeping to times and this is actully a good thing.

After he did all the paper work I drove him to his office. Downside was that I got caught in traffic getting to my office. And in the afternoon I did the same route in reverse so he could collect the car.  At the dealership we were waiting for them to finish cleaning the car, William asked me to come and look at some of the other cars. He was bored and did not want to be alone.

it resulted in me taking the  Porsche Cayman for a test drive. Now it may not be the 911, it is actully the Boxster but with a fixed roof. My experience was amazing, and what an amazing car. It’s totally not practical, it’s fast, it’s a two seater, it’s fast, it’s a two door, it’s fast and was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed. I had a speed rush.

In retrospect this car is very much the criteria I look for in a small way.  I have only had two door cars for the last 15 years. In fact I have only once had a four door car for a very short period of time.  I like small cars and two door cars even better. Now you add in a fast little sport car, I may be in love.





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